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Version 1.1

star_rate_half End user Agreement

Old licensing will cover old claims or mentions, When old licensing is updated with new requirements, you are not allowed to follow the license unless you purchase a new one.

The new license grant to a new customer, if you purchase on 20 January 2023 and the new license updated on 21 January 2023. The new license is not applied to you, you only purchase a new one unless you have a new requirement on a new license.

If you're a new customer, purchase the products on 29 January 2023  and the new license updated on 28 January 2023. You're automatically followed on the new latest version of license.

If you're an old customer, purchase the products on 24 January 2023  and the new license updated on 25 January 2023.  The new license released with a separate requirement while before is including on the license. You don't have to purchase a new one, but if you have canceled the products. It requires purchasing a new one, the previous license will be following on until you canceled.

Once you cancel the subscriptions, you're not allowed to use them on any media and it requires to delete the post or not showing the project. It means that if you unsubscribe, you are no longer allowed to use it on any projects, including any type of project for a small to large corporation. Television, film, or video is not able to show the project unless you purchase a new subscription or a bespoke custom license

Each license has a specific purpose, choose the license usage wisely based on what you expect

radio_button_checked Desktop License

Allows you to install the font on your computer, using it for digital & print. Depend on the number of users who use it

+ Allowed to make unlimited videos on YouTube with a total lifetime amount of views 5000, including commercials (AdSense)

+ Allowed to create 2d static images including JPEG, tiff & PNG

+ Up to 1000 followers on all social media including Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. The number of 1000, is based on the whole followers total not for separate social media

You're not granted to share the font file with anyone

You're not allowed to create on a reels or video

radio_button_checked Desktop Sharing License

Dekstop sharing license is addressed to corporations who work together by using our products with external services including designers, developers, or who are unemployed by your company

What in Desktop License, Except for share the font file

radio_button_checked Logo License

Each brand require a license, we're recommending to purchase directly by email to you're only able to put the logo on all media including digital or not, is not allowed to use the font except for logo

Website license are separate, but if youre using our products only for a logo. your allowed to put the logo on your website

radio_button_checked Web License

Based on views impression that you can expect. If it increases more than before, you need to upgrade it. Include self-hosted per-one domain, subdomain are excluded

Domain and subdomain has a separate subscription, use the same subscriptions is not allowed even on the same current domain. purchase on seperate subsription,

radio_button_checked App License

Unlimited download & created apps, including free & premium apps (app in purchase) is covered for maximum revenue $100,000 on yearly. We count based on the developer OR computer

If your app was built by template that created by external creator like envato elements, figma or any. and u hire developers to include our fonts. it only counted based on the developer you hired

If your app was built by an agency or external services, please contact by email directly to

radio_button_checked Digital Advertising License

If you can't expect too much, you're allowed to purchase for a small or lower plan, then if that increases based on impression you can upgrade the plan

Please contact by email directly to for unlimited views or impression

radio_button_checked Unlimited Usage License

We provide for branding projects or any specific project for lifetime usage

Please contact by email directly to for unlimited views or impression

radio_button_checked Regular License

Youre allowed to use on any our license rule for unlimited revenue, impression or more

You are not allowed to integrate our product on Regular license to your Saas or any software